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Apologies, but after spending some time in South Africa, acronyms seem to become second nature. In normal language: the South African Primary Education Support Initiative (SAPESI, ) and VVOB signed a Letter of Intent (LoI).

This happy event took place on June 23. The signing of this document meant to formalise the present cooperation on Mobile libraries and to highlight the intent to explore future possibilities for cooperation.

Mr Tadashi Hasunuma, Director of the Sapesi-Mobile Library Project, visited our offices in Pretoria. The enthusiasm and drive of “Tad” cannot fail to impress people and it is surely a factor in the success of the project.

In 2007 the Mobile Library Project was introduced by the FSDoE as a strategic partner to improve literacy levels. Mobile libraries are rendering a service to schools without libraries. The 11 mobile libraries donated by SAPESI operate from the District Teacher Development Centres of Free State.

So how does VVOB fit into this? In 2012 a suggestion was made to analyse the impact of this project. VVOB saw this as a very useful case study for DTDC staff, which would fit nicely into a capacity development trajectory for M&E. The first activity in the participatory action research (PAR) took place on 24 and 25 November: DTDC and provincial officers attended a workshop to equip participants with understanding and skills to do PAR and to plan the next steps in the research process. (

In the mean time some of the data have been collected and a follow up workshop middle of June addressed the challenges in the process. Data will be further collected and analysed and a hopefully very positive report will be finalised by the end of this year.


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